Monday, 29 March 2010

The Survivor Manual Warrior Workbook

I have to say this has really changed my life. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and in December of this year really knew I had to do something about as my life had hit a real low point. It's one thing dealing with the world when your stress is at a regular level but with PTSD it can go off scale. You overreact to things that normally aren't considered stressful - suddenly making a simple phone call or dealing with paperwork can become completely overwhelming.
Anyone who knows me will know that I have been through some real difficult times in my life. I have been fortunate to have considerable help and support.
Trauma effects people in different ways. Often childhood trauma, particularly to children under the age of four years when their brain is still developing, can cause real physical damage to their development which may not show up until years later or as adults.
Progressively successive trauma can debilitate a person's ability to deal with life's usual hurdles in positive manner, they are literally worn down. After years of ill health, my father dying and being unable to work consistently I realised I had to address the root causes of my inability to deal with my life.
I joined an online support group which has been considerably beneficial and this led me to Angela Shelton and her Survivor Manual Workbook which literally teaches you to overcome trauma and heal yourself.

This powerful workbook is used as a teaching tool with therapists, support groups and community education programs. It was inspired by Angela's Removing the Sword of Trauma events. It is for survivors, warriors, advocates, loved ones and supporters ready to move past pain and suffering and reclaim joy and happiness. You can use the workbook in a group, on your own or with your therapist. This workbook is 117 pages long and is a DOWNLOAD.

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