Thursday, 1 April 2010

Orphans helped in Haiti

What some good folk were doing in Haiti just in time for hundreds of orphans

and more about Kevin Bronson's work here in his blog:-
they were originally there to set up food growing and irrigation scheme, but switched to search and rescue and aid when the quake happened.

They were $40 000 in the red as of the end of January because of the emergency maybe you can help here:-
'Thanks for your concern and help and again, remember the workers & their safety in your prayers!'
Reginald Bronson
9391 Lupin Avenue
Winton, CA 95388
Ph (209) 358-8577

PS - Feel free to share the word with your friends and contacts

For more information on how you can help please contact:
Roger Jantz
Reg Bronson
This is a quote from his blog about some of the saddest aspects of recovery:-
I thought a few days ago that a rotting body was the worst smell possible, but now I think it is somehow worse when it is attached to a living body. The medical team dresses the wounds, hands out antibiotics and painkillers, and decides who needs hospital care. We haul those that need care in the beds of pickups about two hours or more into the DR over bumpy roads. They are amazingly stoic, although hitting a speed bump or big set of ruts too fast usually brings a chorus of screams and groans. The supply seems undimishing.
Yesterday we hauled a man who had been dug out just a few hours, having been buried for 5 days. One load I had 3 patients on IV, so that kept us hopping.

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