Friday, 24 August 2007

'The Shaolin Workout'

My brother came to stay recently with his wife and three children, (one six month baby) so I moved out into the garden and built a bender that could stand up to the torrential downpours and crazy wind we've been having. So I cut the hazel poles, made some pegs, and using any bits of cordage I could find proceeded to wrestle with tarps for the afternoon, until I had my new house! There's nothing like building your own home in a day, and then moving in. I'm just in the process of making a video of it, but here's some photos in the meantime.

I've also begun to practise Sifu Sin Yang Ming's 28 day workout using 'The Shaolin Workout' an introduction to shaolin kung fu/chan buddhism and I have to say it's having a really positive affect; the simplicity of it, and the progression of stretches as well as straightforward meditations is fantastic. I've already completed the first part, and my shoulder which was injured recently is actually healing up doing them. My niece (6yrs) and nephew (4yrs) also enjoyed them. You also get a very pure foundation in Kung Fu, more on that later but see Sifu's film under my Health and Fitness Videos, to find out a bit about him, his reasons for moving to the West and the New York Temple.
I think it's important to try new things, get out of any ruts you find yourself in. To convince yourself you can reach your fullest potential sometimes you need some cool and convincing props - the more realistic the better.
Anyhow, I've added a bigger tarp (3mx5m) over the top so that I can work outside in bad weather and have a fire, and so far it's proven extremely stable and totally waterproof and wind proof. I also get to listen to the silence and look at the stillness of night and there's nothing better than a fire, outside. The simple things of life - I think the tarps cost about £15 or 25$ spread over at least a five year period which is as long as i've had them. So that would put this under the bracket of cheap and affordable housing I think.

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